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  • Louie Gohmert: Obama Fundamentally Transforming America By Ignoring Border
    Posted in In The News on November 20, 2015 | Preview rr

    “This President wanted to fundamentally transform America and he’s been doing it. Unfortunately, he’s been doing it by looking the other way at the border,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says. During an exclusive interview with Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily radio program, Gohmert was asked about recent reports of Syrians, Pakistanis and an Afghan being apprehended while trying to enter the country via our southern border. Gohmert said he was glad ... Read more

  • GOHMERT: Despite Obama's Claims, We Are Not Able to Properly Screen Syrian Refugees
    Posted in In The News on November 18, 2015 | Preview rr

    There is truly a war taking place throughout the world. Radical Islam is at war with Western civilization that is not currently part of its caliphate. Though the Obama administration is out to convince you that there’s no war, or that climate change is our country’s biggest threat, the bloodbath in Paris proves the contrary without doubt. Though we are not engaged in defending ourselves fully, the one-sided war goes on, allowing our enemy to get stronger and more radical. America is now faced wi... Read more

  • House Conservatives Call Out the Networks for Their Labeling Bias
    Posted in In The News on November 7, 2015 | Preview rr

    Last week, a Media Research Center study documented how ABC, CBS and NBC were using loaded labels to paint House Republicans, especially the Freedom Caucus, as ideologues who are outside the American political mainstream. Now, several leading conservative Congressmen have sent us statements blasting the networks for their slant. “Only in this town does doing what you told voters you said you were going to do mean you are ‘ultra-conservative’ or ‘far-right,’ Freedom Caucus chairman Jim Jordan tol... Read more

  • U.S. Rep. Gohmert tells students to be wise in God's eyes
    Posted in In The News on October 30, 2015 | Preview rr

    A tireless fighter in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) shared what drives him during Friday’s Convocation at Liberty University — standing for God’s truth. David Nasser, Liberty’s senior vice president for spiritual development, introduced the sixth-term representative from Texas’ first district as a fearless, modern-day leader who does not simply point out problems, but offers solutions as well. “He is not afraid to fight a good fight,” Nasser said... Read more

  • What did Louie Gohmert say to Paul Ryan on the House floor?
    Posted in In The News on October 29, 2015 | Preview rr

    Paul Ryan had just finished his inaugural speech as House speaker, when Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, ran up to him to shake his hand. Moments earlier, Gohmert was one of nine Republican lawmakers to vote against Ryan, and to vote instead for Rep. Daniel Webster, R-Fla., the favored pick for conservative Republicans. But according to Gohmert's spokeswoman, Gohmert was inspired enough by Ryan's remarks to run up and offer his congratulations. "He went up to shake his hand, congratulate him, tell h... Read more

  • Homeland Security, FBI Can’t Get Story Straight on Screening Syrian Refugees
    Posted in In The News on October 28, 2015 | Preview rr

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told USA Today yesterday that an increased wave of Syrian refugees that will be admitted into the U.S. in the coming year will be subjected to “extensive thorough background checks.” But just last week testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, FBI Director James Comey admitted that their databases on Syria are very limited and that screening the refugees “will be challenging.” Johnson’s comments were made in an interview with USA Today reporter Susa... Read more

  • Members of Congress Cite MRC, Slam Nets for ‘Practical Blackout’ of Planned Parenthood Vids
    Posted in In The News on October 21, 2015 | Preview rr

    Members of Congress are speaking out against the “defense of the indefensible” – and calling out those in the media who refuse to do the same. On Tuesday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and other members of Congress wrote to the presidents of ABC, NBC and CBS News regarding their “glaring lack of coverage” on the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of aborted baby parts. In their letter, they cited Media Research Center (MRC) data as evidence of the “prac... Read more

  • Inside the EPA: Military weapons, designer desks…and nukes?
    Posted in In The News on October 16, 2015 | Preview rr

    A congressional committee will investigate reports that the Environmental Protection Agency wasted billions of dollars, including an effort to create its own militia with a prosecution arm to mirror the FBI’s. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, told Watchdog.org that a House committee will dig into allegations the EPA bought designer furniture and sporting goods equipment, and handed out hefty employee bonuses and grants to foreign countries – including China. The charges are outlined in a recent report... Read more

  • Conservative Lawmakers Ask the National Portrait Gallery to Remove Margaret Sanger Bust
    Posted in In The News on October 14, 2015 | Preview rr

    Lawmakers have requested that a bust of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, be removed from the National Portrait Gallery. Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Louie Gohmert, both Texas Republicans, sent a letter to Kim Sajet, the director of the National Portrait Gallery, demanding the bust’s removal. Twenty-four House Republicans also signed the letter. In a joint statement, Cruz and Gohmert called for “the immediate removal” of the bust from the exhibit. “There is no ambiguity in what Marg... Read more

  • GOHMERT: Congressional Reform Goes Beyond Electing the Right Speaker
    Posted in In The News on October 5, 2015 | Preview rr

    Momentarily, let’s talk principles instead of specific people. Throughout Congressional history, there appear to be ongoing periods of greater and greater centralization of power in the Speaker of the House. Eventually, it becomes too destructive and someone or some people step up to decentralize the power. There is an absolutely amazing array of talent and intelligence in Congress, but somehow, far too many on both sides of the aisle get to DC they hand over their deductive reasoning function ... Read more