Tax Reform

The New Obama Stimulus and Tax Tango

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Later today, the House is expected to vote on HR 4853 -- the “Tax-Cut-and-Stimulus” package that President Obama recently negotiated with the Senate. Since this so-called compromise bill that would extend the current tax rates for two years first came out, I have had very mixed feelings about it. On one hand, keeping the current tax rates the same will help avoid a potentially disastrous downturn ...

Exempt DC Residents from Federal Taxation

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Congressional liberals are once again trying to pass legislation to give Washington, D.C. a voting representative in the House. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton’s D.C. Voting Rights Act of 2009 is a bad bill, which would extinguish the Constitutional difference between the District of Columbia and the 50 states. In a recent hearing on the bill, George Washington Law School professor Jonathan Turley has ...