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Government Takeover of Healthcare

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Dear Friend, The Administration and liberal leadership in Congress are ramming through nation-ending, liberty-usurping, and economically-bankrupting policies that violate the fundamental values on which this country was built. Now, they are at it again with their plan for government takeover of healthcare, which is nothing less than a declaration of war on American families, seniors, businesses, a...

Gohmert Signs Health Care Reform Pledge

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tea Party Protests are being held all over the nation today by citizens urging their elected officials to support the Pledge. Rep. Gohmert encouraged the "Tea Party Patriots" to continue fighting, writing, and calling until Washington gets the message that Americans are fed up with the "nation-ending, liberty-usurping, and economically-bankrupting policies" being pushed by the Obama administration and liberal leaders in Congress.

Stimulus Spending Spree Not Working

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It's taken a little time, but we're now beginning to gauge the effectiveness of both the 2008 tax rebate stimulus and the larger economic stimulus package passed in 2009. And they're disappointing.