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The Republican "Pledge to America" is a step in the right direction, but we should never settle for simply better. We always should demand much better. A return to excellence would be nice, wouldn't it?
The Republican "Pledge to America" is a step in the right direction, but we should never settle for simply better. We always should demand much better. A return to excellence would be nice, wouldn't it?

Compared to the bloated, ineffective, wasteful, expensive, irresponsible and downright enslaving Fedzilla programs the Democrats recently have rammed down our throats and will continue to force on us if re-elected, the Republican pledge surely would move America in a new, positive direction.

What Republicans owe the American people is a hefty dose of plain-speaking, bold pragmatism that clearly articulates the GOP's vision for America. Even I, your humble Motown guitar slayer, remain steadfastly locked on the vision of our Founding Fathers and am prepared to ride to their rescue with the Ted Pledge. My crowbar of logic and truth does not gently weep.

GOP candidates and politicians should self-impose term limits and pledge to serve just two terms in the House or one term in the Senate and then leave Washington for good, never to return. Americans know that professional Fedzillacrats and lobbyists from both sides of the political aisle are the root cause of America's problems; they are not the solution.
Republicans should then call a news conference and burn the federal tax code on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol and then march right back into the Capitol and pass a Fair Tax. Until then, no taxes should be withheld from our paychecks. Americans should have to pay their taxes once a year so that they can see exactly how much of their income is swallowed up by Fedzilla. The GOP should pledge to move April 15, tax day, to the day before national elections in November. I assure you that would guarantee term limits.

The Republican leadership should pledge to implement GOP Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert's proposal to eliminate all federal taxes, including Social Security taxes, from the paychecks of Americans for one year. Mr. Gohmert's proposal would cause the American economy to roar back to life. Let's get bold and creative like Mr. Gohmert.

Republican politicians should pledge never to write or introduce a bill longer than our Constitution, which is roughly 5,000 words. If Congress critters can't write a bill in fewer than 5,000 words, they don't deserve to be in Congress. Period.

Republicans should pledge that they will invite businesspeople and free-market economists to go through each bill in detail and then report to the American public on how the bill will impact the free market before the vote on the bill is taken. The GOP should pledge to convene annually a group of businesspeople and free-market economists to recommend how Fedzilla can be gutted further.

For every new law passed, Republicans should pledge to eliminate 1,000 existing federal laws, regulations and requirements.

The GOP should pledge that it will never introduce, support or pass a law that punishes the producers and rewards bloodsuckers.

Using 2008 budget numbers, Republicans should pledge to reduce the size of Fedzilla by 25 percent during the next four years. Less government is always the best government. Dramatically reducing the size of government will pour gas on the embers of our economy and turn it into an inferno. Economic infernos are good.

The GOP should pledge to immediately stick a dagger in the heart of the death tax and all corporate taxes. This will free up untold trillions of dollars that can be used to get our economy roaring back to life and put Americans back to work.

Republicans should tell young Americans that Social Security is a Fedzilla financial Ponzi scheme and they will not receive a dime when they retire because Fedzillacrats have stolen all the money in the Social Security Trust Fund. The GOP should pledge to young workers that it will introduce legislation that will protect their IRAs and 401(k) investments from taxation when they retire.

The GOP should remind America that more options make for more affordable choices and that the free market has and still can provide this. As such, Obamacare and other Fedzilla programs that can and should be provided and managed by the private sector will be repealed. All federal welfare programs should be eliminated in the next five years. This will breed tough Americans. Tough is good. Soft is weak.

Republicans in name only (RINOs) should be purged from the GOP. RINOs are political punks who cannot be counted on. Get rid of them.

Pledge to Americans the GOP will pass legislation to ensure that federal employees will be paid what their private-sector counterparts earn and not one penny more. Except for the Department of Defense, a federal hiring freeze should be instituted for at least the next 10 years.

Republicans need to tell Americans that we've tried big government and it has been an abject failure. The only people who fail to understand this fundamental truism are power-hungry Fedzillacrats, bloodsuckers, socialists and idiots. They are anti-Americans. Do America a favor and send these punks packing.

Finally, the GOP should remind Americans at every opportunity that freedom is always better than tyranny and that smaller government is always better government.

What say you, GOP?