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Rep. Louie Gohmert Presents Resolution to Support Israel’s Right to Defend its Sovereignty

Congressman Gohmert (TX-01) will introduce a resolution next week supporting Israel’s right to defend its independence.

“Now is the time to show with great certainty exactly where we stand and with whom we stand,” said Rep. Gohmert.  “In light of the ongoing events in Egypt, it is critical that this Congress show support for our close allies.  This administration has undermined and snubbed Israel time and time again showing fragility to our support for Israel that has emboldened Islamist extremism. We, the people of the United States, must show support for Israel's sovereignty in these tumultuous times. If the United States shows the world that we will not stand by such a close ally who believes in the same human rights that we do, then we will encourage extremist enemies set on hate to target and attack our nation friends.”

 This resolution expresses support for Israel’s right to protect its sovereignty using all means necessary, including the use of military force if no other peaceful solution can be found. It reaffirms the United States’ bond with Israel and pledges to continue to work with Israel to ensure that it continues to receive critical economic and military assistance, including missile defense capabilities, needed to address the threat of Iran. It also strongly condemns the Government of Iran for its threats of “annihilating” the United States of America and the State of Israel and for its continued support of international terrorism.

Congressman Gohmert is the Vice Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security. Prior to being elected to serve in Congress, Louie was elected to three terms as District Judge in Smith County, Texas. He was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to complete a term as Chief Justice of the 12th Court of Appeals.


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