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Gohmert Awarded the 2013 Freedom Works “Freedom Fighter Award”

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) was recently awarded with Freedom Works’ second annual “Freedom Fighter Award.” This award is given to members of the House and Senate who consistently vote in defense of economic freedom.

“Freedom Works is a powerful voice in America for principles of liberty giving rise to innovation and opportunity. They emphasize the critical need for individual freedom and adherence to the constitutional limitations on our ‘big brother’ government in Washington. It is an honor to be awarded the “Freedom Fighter Award” again this year since it represents a finding by a valued and well respected organization that analyzes the issues that I represent the core beliefs held by most east Texans. Voting with the mindset of hardworking American taxpayers is essential if we are going to leave our children and their children at least as good of a gift as our parents and grandparents left us,’ said Rep. Gohmert.”

Each “Freedom Fighter” recipient earned a minimum score of 90 percent on the Freedom Works Congressional Scorecard during the 2012 legislative session. This high score exhibits a strong stance to defend liberty and strengthen the economy across the country.

“Congressman Louie Gohmert took a stand against the Washington special interest machine and proved himself a true defender of economic freedom with a 94 out of 100 percent on the Freedom Works Congressional Scorecard. Freedom Works encourages Congressman Gohmert to keep fighting the good fight to protect Texas taxpayers, and bring back fiscal sanity and accountability to the federal government,” said Freedom Works President, Matt Kibbe.

The FreedomWorks Congressional Scorecard is a ground-breaking piece of technology that has drawn an abundance of national media attention by allowing concerned Americans greater ability to monitor the issues taken up by Congress.  

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