Send In Your Obamacare Personal Stories

This week, Congress will decide whether it is going to continue to fund Obamacare before the law actually starts.  On October 1, the dysfunctional, not-ready-for-primetime exchanges that people are being forced into will open. Some of you have relayed verbally about problems you’ve already been advised will begin for you personally because of Obamacare, but we need those examples, and your permission to read them publicly in Congress.

It is important we are relentless in trying to stop this disaster that will prevent so many from getting the medical help they need when they need it, will cost more than most can afford to pay, while also it continues to waste taxpayer dollars on this train wreck.  I will be fighting against Obamacare at every possible opportunity.I need to hear from you.

If you have lost your insurance because of Obamacare, let me know. If you have experienced a reduction in your work hours because of Obamacare, I want to hear from you.  If your doctor has retired or said that they will simply stop practicing medicine altogether because of Obamacare, write to me.  If you have already been told that after the first of the year some procedures or medical help will not be available to you, I need to know. 

Any adverse consequences of Obamacare that is affecting you now or will affect you soon would help to know as I fight for you.

I want to let the country know how Obamacare is affecting our district.  With your permission, I will share some of these stories in speeches from the House floor starting this week. Since Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have begun a filibuster, they need information and I might provide it to them with your permission. I am on my way back to Washington, DC now to meet them on the Senate floor. 

So that you understand that I am in this with you and regardless of what you have heard, on January 1st I will lose my current insurance that is part of the federal insurance plans in which every other federal worker in America participates, and I too will have to decide whether to opt out of the exchanges and pay for insurance on my own while also having to pay a higher income tax.

 Obamacare will not be good for much of anyone while costing a fortune, unless you are one of the thousands of new IRS agents who will be investigating all Americans to force compliance and penalties. 

Send in your personal stories to this email address: Obamacare@mail.house.gov

 The American people’s voices need to be heard loud and clear in Washington, DC.