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Louie Gohmert Blows Up Obama-Iran Deal On House Floor: Would Cause ‘Nuclear Proliferation,’ Cost ‘Millions Of Lives’

By Matt Boyle, Breitbart News

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) had about the strongest rebuke of any member of Congress when it comes to President Barack Obama’s nuclear arms deal with Iran on the House floor on Wednesday evening. Speaking for nearly 30 minutes, Gohmert deconstructed the deal point-by-point.

“There’s so much about this deal that stinks to high heaven,” he said at one point.

“This deal with an evil group of leaders in Iran is going to spell death down the road for masses of people if we don’t get it stopped. So Mr. Speaker – that’s my plea. Let’s stop the deal for the good of the world,” Gohmert added later.

Later on, Gohmert said that the deal would lead to the losses of millions of lives and “rampant destruction around the world”—and that Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize will be meaningless at that point.

“It won’t do much good to return a Nobel Peace Prize after a president causes nuclear proliferation that leads ultimately to the losses of millions of lives and rampant destruction around the world – and certainly in the Middle East,” Gohmert said. “I mean, we got all these folks worrying about climate change and here we are on the brink of 10 years at the most before the most terroristic, evil leaders in the world have their hands on nuclear weapons that will kill millions of people..”

Gohmert, who read the deal on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., also weighed in on the reports that the White House is not releasing the full text and components of the deal.

“There is no reason this agreement should not be public – so everyone can read it,” Gohmert said.
Gohmert added that this deal further proves how America’s enemies have learned to work with Obama’s administration, but our allies are shunned and pushed aside.

“Our enemies have really learned how to deal with this administration,” Gohmert said. “Our friends have got to be scratching their heads – those that still have their heads; and, therein lies another tragedy.”