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U.S. House votes to approve Kari’s Law

By Belen Casillas, KLTV

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Washington, January 23, 2017 | comments
(KLTV) -The U.S. House passed a bill Monday requiring business owners across to provide a direct 9-1-1 dial access.The bill will be sent next to the U.S. Senate, who will vote on it before it ultimately, if passed by the Senate, lands on the President's desk for a signature.

The House voted 408-0 in favor of the Kari's Law bill.

Kari’s Law came about after an East Texas mother, Kari Hunt, was attacked by her estranged husband at Marshall’s Baymont Inn & Suites in December of 2013. In attempts to help, her 9-year-old daughter dialed 9-1-1 several times, but her call never reached emergency crews because she didn’t dial an extra 9 to get out before dialing 9-1-1.

Rep. Louie Gohmert said during the debate over the bill on Monday, "We have a bill that will save lives and is agreeable across the aisle. Her [Kari's] loss of life will save lives in the future."

Under the law, Bill 788, all business and buildings with a multi-line telephone system are required to make changes to their telephone system in order to dial directly out without the extra digit before 9-1-1.

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