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Gohmert’s Statement on the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement regarding the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which he voted against this afternoon, due to the rejection of the Hartzler Amendment by the U.S. House of Representatives: 

“Today the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2018. Though there were some additional matters that I sincerely hoped would be changed, I made clear to our Whip Team that I would indeed vote for the NDAA as long as the Hartzler Amendment language had been added. Sadly, this amendment was narrowly defeated last night by a vote of 214-209; and therefore, the amendment language was not included in the NDAA on the House Floor today.”

“For context, this nation is engaged in an undeclared war with some of the most ruthless, evil, heinous, malevolent, tortuous, destructive enemies in the world’s history. It even appears they have taken some of their tactics and killing methods from others of the historically most evil. They absolutely must be defeated and destroyed. There is no middle ground with people religiously inspired to do the most despicable things.”

“Additionally, President Obama left our military weaker than at any time since before World War II, even as the world has become far more dangerous. A difference in now and before World War II is that the nation was morally far less divided, and no one was going to be in the military if they were suffering from gender confusion. As a result of decades of the most extremely ardent political lobbying, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for providing appropriate terms for diagnosing conditions, transgender individuals are still considered to be confused. Transgender Dysphoria, (synonymous with “anxiety, depression, melancholy, restlessness” per, is the newest term of diagnosis.”

“Before and during World War II, the military had a singular focus. A commander did not spend his or her day compiling reports on such things as transgender sex change request status, sexual harassment status, equal opportunity developments and status, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ information status though President Clinton’s original policy has significantly changed, all rather than solely being most singularly focused on defeating an evil enemy who is plotting and planning our demise. 

“Commanders have advised that if a military member approaches them and wants a sex change operation, the commander’s career is over if they encouraged the man or woman to seek counseling or more information or even simply to give it more thought. They say that for the normal minimum two years of all the pre-surgery hormonal treatments, actual surgery and post-surgical rehab and adjustments that make the military member undeployable, they are not provided a replacement for that slot in their unit. Thus, the more who request sex change operations, the fewer military members there are available to fight and deter our enemies from killing us or taking our freedom. This will become a fantastic recruiting tool for those who want to get paid themselves as they live in free housing while going through the multi-year process of changing what Nature, Nature’s God, and the individual’s chromosomes say they are.”

“We were advised in a Republican conference meeting that the projected 10-year cost will be $3-4 billion that could be used to actually defend our homeland and liberty. That projected cost is before the military becomes known as the place to have an all-expenses paid sex change surgery, including meals and housing. Medical costs for just one gender reassignment surgery can average up to $130,000, including lifetime hormone treatments, in addition to their overhead and salary costs for the minimum two-year period when they are in a non-deployable status. Regrettably, this policy prevents others, willing and able, from fighting in their stead to protect this nation.”

“Even the first hospital in the United States to ever conduct same sex surgeries, Johns Hopkins, stopped the surgeries decades later because they did not appear to be making the changed person’s life better and they might have been making their lives worse. That concern was shown to be legitimate by the most thorough study, covering about 30 years, of people who had the sex change surgery. The study established the fact that after the surgery the patient was 20 times more likely to commit suicide. This all comes at a time when active duty military suicides and veteran suicides have been at an all time high.

“I do want to thank Rules Chairman Pete Sessions for making the amendment in order so we could at least have a chance to stop using the military as the sex change surgery place to go. He was very helpful in our efforts to stop the use of our limited military funds for this practice. I also am grateful to Chairman Mac Thornberry for his tireless efforts to try to put together the best budget authorization that would allow our military to do their jobs in protecting America. He could not control what the vote on any issue would be. Both Chairmen, in fact, voted FOR the Hartzler Amendment as well, and we are grateful.  

“It is nonetheless an exceedingly sad day for this experiment in self-government called the United States of America. My heart continues to break for this previously God-blessed country.”