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Rep. Louie Gohmert: The Democrats' 'hate' resolution and the truth about why I voted against it

By Rep. Louie Gohmert, Fox News

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Washington, March 12, 2019 | comments

There have been many accusations flying around about why 22 of my fellow Republicans and I voted against the Democrats’ convoluted “hate” resolution last week.  What started solely as a rebuke of the latest round of anti-Jewish statements made by Rep. Illan Omar, D-Minn., morphed into something else entirely. We 23 who voted “No” could not justify eliminating condemnation of what led to the Holocaust down to a list of improprieties born of political appeasement within the Democratic Party. 

There have been horrendous activities throughout history, from all the evils of slavery, to lighting the road to Rome with burning Christian bodies, to other attempted genocides, to acts of inhumanity too numerous and hideous to mention.  Even as atrocious as ALL lurid, inhumane activities are, they have no moral equivalence to the Holocaust hatred where seeds sprang up and grew when specific anti-Semitism was not condemned.

From the beginnings at Dachau in 1933 to the liberation of Mauthausen-Gussen in the Spring of 1945, over six million Jewish men, women and children were treated horrificly and slaughtered by German “Socialists,” also called Nazis, in all manner of evils: torture, starvation, despicable medical experimentation, gas chambers disguised as showers, mass firing line executions, so many dead bodies that not even burning them in ovens was sufficient to keep up with the sheer numbers of the slaughtered. In some locations, the human ash fell consistently on all within the area. That hatred has no moral equivalence.

Questioning American Jewish loyalty to our country is a start toward eventually alleging they do not deserve to live here, and finally, they do not deserve to live. This has to stop NOW.

When the Democratic leadership pulled their first iteration of their resolution from the House floor that dealt solely with anti-Semitism, they kept watering it down until it actually gave purveyors of anti-Semitism the ability to claim that the resolution was intended as a grand condemnation of anti-Muslim bias. That final, repeatedly weakened version did not even address the bigoted remarks that caused the need for the resolution in the first place.

Further compounding their improprieties the last few days, some Democrats condemned those of us who had the courage to do what they would not: stand against a cowardly resolution for failing to address specific, bigoted remarks.

During my days as a judge sentencing a felon, I rather doubt the public would have been pleased if I had simply pronounced a condemnation of all those who commit wrongs, and did not punish the specific offender nor even tell him to stop committing his offenses.

We took a principled stand against specific rank anti-Semitism. Any officeholder, reporter, radio or television show, organization or network, that fails to explain the loudly and often articulated reason for our “No” vote is as cowardly and dishonest as those in Germany who allowed that early type of anti-Semitism to grow unrestrained. It needs to be drug out into the light of day and condemned. Otherwise, in reality, “NEVER AGAIN” means “IT’S COMING BACK!”

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