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Gohmert’s Statement on Ross Perot’s Funeral & Absence on House Floor During Vote on H.Res. 489

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement regarding his absence on the House Floor yesterday and his decision to attend the funeral and memorial service of Ross Perot in Texas:

“On Tuesday morning early, I flew back to Texas to attend the funeral of a great American whom I first met while attending Texas A&M. He went through the Naval Academy on a military scholarship and served his country afterward. He became one of the biggest successes to ever grow up in east Texas. He was enormously generous in helping and attempting to help U.S. POW’s, as well as, our military veterans. His family has been kind and helpful to me as well, and his funeral was a wonderful tribute.”

“Originally, there was no planned battle to condemn President Trump, since the Democrats had abandoned any moral authority to condemn anyone’s words after their failing to condemn outrageously anti-Semitic words by a Democrat Member.  Since hypocrisy apparently knows no limits within the current majority, the President was attacked, and I missed being there to point out the blatant injustice. Since our nation has been so blessed with superb citizens from every nationality and race, it is indeed unfortunate to have Congressional leaders who think that questioning someone’s appreciation for the greatest country in history is somehow ‘racist.’”