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Gohmert's Statement on Death of George Floyd & Ongoing Nationwide Protests

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Washington, June 4, 2020 | comments
Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement regarding the horrific death of George Floyd and the ongoing protests around the nation:

"In Minneapolis, Minnesota, George Floyd was killed by a police officer who blatantly kept his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes as he begged to be allowed to breathe. George Floyd’s death was tragic, completely unnecessary, and it was criminal! My deepest condolences go out to the entire Floyd family, who have shown amazing restraint in their desire for peaceful protests only. 

Our law enforcement is a critical part of upholding justice in our society, but they must be held accountable when they go so far as to commit a crime against the very people they are supposed to serve. Freedom of assembly and the right to peacefully protest is a core right in America. However, violent riots and looting have no place, are disrespectful to George Floyd’s memory, inflict damage on innocent people, and have even devastated minority businesses, families, and communities still further. They are not only destroying the livelihoods of many hardworking business owners, but they are also distracting from the issues peaceful protesters are highlighting.  

All of the violence in rioting and looting that has occurred is horrific, but here are a couple of examples. The family of retired St. Louis Police Captain and former Moline Acres Police Chief David Dorn who spent about forty years officially serving and protecting others as a policeman deserves our sympathy, prayers and support. To have looters murder a minority public servant who was still trying to protect and serve his community dishonors all Americans and sets back the cause of liberty, justice, and equality. 

Similarly, the killings and injuries in Davenport, Iowa, including one of an innocent minority, Italia Marie Kelly, by a protestor adds to the destructiveness of justice and badly impedes the push for equal treatment under the law. Such senseless violence also creates even more cataclysmic heartache. As her sister made clear in her viral video, a protestor filled with hate for police took away the person who was always there for her including when she had her seizures. Criminal acts like that in no way honor George Floyd. 

The core principle of the United States justice system is equality under the law. Those responsible for crimes, including law enforcement, absolutely must be held accountable under an equitable system of law without regard to race, creed or any other immutable characteristic. The very existence of our American effort at self-government depends on it."

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