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Congressman Gohmert’s Statement on Peaceful Transition of Power Resolution

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement on his vote regarding the resolution reaffirming the House of Representatives’ commitment to the orderly and peaceful transfer of power: 

"Regarding my vote on the House Resolution (H.Res.1155),  I agree with President Trump and the Democrats that a peaceful transfer of power is imperative when a sitting President loses reelection in a fair race. However, I voted “no” on the House Democrats’ resolution because it singles out President Donald Trump demanding “no disruptions” and irresponsibly fails to mention the need for the Democrat candidate to also accept the results of a fair election as well.  This is especially egregious for the Democratic Party that has a history of refusing to accept the results of lawful elections, while Republicans do not.

Democrats refused to accept Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860, thrusting our country into Civil War. Democrats again refused to accept George W. Bush’s election in 2000, resulting in the Supreme Court having to resolve the matter. In 1960’s election, there was evidence of fraud in Chicago’s voting about which Richard Nixon was alerted. Yet, he made clear that as a Republican, he did not want to divide the country by contesting the election.

On the other hand, Democrats have never accepted President Trump’s 2016 election which, as this week’s declassified information reveals, Hillary Clinton apparently conspired with others including foreigners to try to defeat Donald Trump. It further appears that when she lost, Democrats attempted to remove a duly elected President from office trying to extend their fraud into an impeachment. Fortunately, the evidence is slowly emerging despite the continued Democrat coverup. 

Democrats prevented this bill from being amended at both the committee level and on the floor before the vote. I was imploring for the opportunity to add a handful of words to make it fairly apply to both parties, and not simply a slap at President Trump. However, Democrats wanted to leave it only applying to President Trump and his administration.  Some Republicans were misled into believing that it applied to both candidates, but an actual reading of the resolution makes clear, it is only a slap down of the Republican Party’s candidate that has not been the disputer of Presidential elections. 

Failed Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recklessly said Vice President Joe Biden should not concede the election “under any circumstances.” We have no reason to believe Democrats would not dispute yet another election outcome, as some of their top operatives have said, so other “candidates” should have been mentioned in the resolution. 

This bill on which I voted “No” is nothing more than a means to attack President Trump, though he has made clear he will support a peaceful transition to the legally winning party after the election. However, he does have concerns, as do I, about the potential unfairness and illegality of the election as the arrests, indictments, and information have recently established as legitimate concerns of reasonable people."