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Gohmert on the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Lawsuit against Google

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement regarding the Justice Department’s move to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google:

"This antitrust lawsuit is highly appropriate and the first necessary step in putting an end to the oppressive grip of some big tech companies who have monopolies. Our Constitution embraces free enterprise, unless one company becomes so big it can crush or buy any competitors. Google has not only become a monopoly, but now censors and redirects traffic in a way that often hides patriotic, Christian, Republican, or anti-socialist information and communication. 

With control of over approximately 90 percent of web searches worldwide, Google’s monopoly now has more power over what Americans see than any newspaper tycoon could have ever dreamed. Their oligarchical power gives them unparalleled control over ordinary Americans’ lives – from what is read online to the information that answers Americans’ searches.

No company, regardless of political philosophy should be able to thwart all meaningful competition, which applies to Google. Unfortunately, what started out as great assistance, has morphed into a hungry and ambitious media conglomerate wanting to crush all thought that disagrees with its own, and enough power to do just that. Thankfully, the Trump Administration’s Department of Justice is treating this big tech monopoly as the serious threat to our self-determining form of government. You can’t be self-governing when the biggest source of American information is run through algorithms that insure a socialist, non-competitive point of view."