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Rep. Gohmert: Why I Will Never Bow to the Anti-Truth Mob

                                                   Rep. Gohmert: Why I Will Never Bow to the Anti-Truth Mob

After years of Democrats’ and Never Trumpers’ non-stop vicious lies and smear campaigns against Donald Trump and the legitimacy of his election back in 2016, Washington elites have now decided it is undemocratic, and even dangerous, to raise legitimate concerns about election integrity. They want to silence and destroy anyone who does not comply with their totalitarian demand that we stop utilizing our First Amendment right of free speech for redress of grievances. 

One of the left’s continuing myths is that every court that considered election improprieties found them all bogus. The truth is that not a single federal or state court had an evidentiary hearing to listen to and view the evidence of potential wrongdoing before the final votes were certified. Each court cited some procedural reason to avoid having an evidentiary hearing. That is indeed a tragedy. Even the Supreme Court refused to take up a case that the Constitution says only the Supreme Court could. Apparently, the slander, libel, and threats hurled at Trump nominated justices can be successful in intimidating even the best of judges.  

Among my numerous concerns is the fact that according to the Data Integrity Group (DIG), the raw election night data feeds that the secretaries of state use to certify the election results show massive discrepancies and millions of “negative votes” for Donald Trump. How do you walk into a voting booth and subtract a vote from a candidate’s total by voting? These anomalies are disturbing but have yet to be explained by any election official or any court of law

There were also blatantly unconstitutional actions taken by secretaries of state in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania when they bypassed their state legislatures to change election law which allowed illegal ballots to be counted.  The RNC collected at least 12,000 incident reports of election irregularities and malfeasance. There are also hundreds of signed affidavits—otherwise known as evidence in front of a judge—attesting to fraudulent activities in the 2020 election. Millions of Americans who have legitimate concerns about the election have yet to see any explanation for any of the gross irregularities evidenced by these affidavits and in the Election Day data.

Only in an Orwellian nation would it be criminal to raise any questions of the propriety of an election. If that were actually the law from 2016 to 2020, virtually every Democrat in Congress would be subject to being silenced and even arrested. But that was not and is not the law. 

As for elitist Republican condemnation for questioning the election, where was their outrage when Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she didn’t understand why “uprisings” weren’t occurring all across the country in response to President Trump’s policies? Did I miss their million-dollar attack campaign against Democrat lawmakers who called for “unrest in the streets” as cities across America saw violent upheavals, deaths, looting, burning, destruction of businesses and property? Or against those who urged people to harass Republicans and members of the Trump Administration if they ever saw them in public? 

Although I have said this numerous times, Trump Derangement Syndrome appears to have clouded the ability of some to absorb truth, so I’ll say it again: I unequivocally denounce violence! I always have. And I wholeheartedly endorse the teaching of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., of peaceful protests to continue to bring about change. 

For those who learn from history, we know certain actions have specific reactions. Pointing out the types of events that have historically triggered violence is not the same thing as calling for violence in the streets. It is trying to prevent violence. True to their own history, socialists continue to do all they can to rewrite our history. But the fact is when those in power continue to silence, punish, and intimidate others into not speaking the truth or even raising questions, they are attempting to seal a heating pressure cooker and that does not end well.

I condemn all the violence created by the socialists and anarchists on the left, and also condemn violence by people on the right. We must all resolve our differences freely and civilly in our institutions created to resolve these disputes. When courts refuse to give a hearing to these grievances, in unending deference to one side over the other in matters that tear at the very fabric of civilization, it only adds further stress to volatile situations. 

Regardless of the attempts to intimidate me into silence, I will not stop fighting for truth, for the Constitution, and for the people of Texas. And I will most certainly never bow or curtsy before a mob, especially the mindless thugs of the Marxist Left.