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Rep. Gohmert Amendment to Reparations Bill Seeks to Determine if Democratic Party Should Pay Funds

Last night, Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) offered an amendment to H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, to determine whether or not the Democratic Party should be responsible for any compensation to descendants of slavery in the United States given the party’s longstanding support for the barbaric practice.

“Throughout American history, one political party has had a virtual obsession with protecting and perpetuating the evil institution of slavery,” said Rep. Gohmert. “That is the Democratic Party, which even had party platforms in the 1800’s that advocated for slavery. Even after the Civil War ended slavery, Democrats continued to attempt perpetuating the outrageous wickedness of racial discrimination, including disparate treatment, segregation, and Jim Crow laws. As Democrats continued to fight against equal treatment for African-Americans, not a single Democrat in Congress voted to support the 14th Amendment which granted full citizenship to freed slaves. Nor did any Democrats vote for the 15th Amendment which gave freed slaves the right to vote. 

“Democrats now try to hide their Party’s hideous history by claiming that all the racist Democrats changed parties, which a look at the facts and numbers disclose is blatantly false. Should the commission determine that compensation should be awarded to descendants of slaves, those funds should come directly from the party which embraced, perpetuated and promoted nearly two centuries of terror and injustices against African-Americans. We’ve already seen the modern-day damage that Democrat policies have done to African-American communities in big cities across America. Let’s continue to fight for equal opportunity, and cease attempting to punish children for sins of people they never knew.”