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Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01): America was #BetterBeforeBiden

“Democrats just voted to fundamentally change this country from a free and prosperous society into a poor and progressive nightmare where people cannot afford to feed their families, pay their utility bills or afford gas. President Biden could not care less about Americans who are struggling to rebuild after a pandemic and months of inflation thanks to his “America last” economic policies.

“Families will suffer a bleak, cold holiday season while the rich get richer. Despite the significant gains the working poor made in wages and standard of living under the Trump administration, this bill will set them back yet again. Democrats have granted tax breaks to millionaires in this bill and will spend $80 billion to build an army of IRS agents to go after middle class Americans struggling to get by. To add insult to injury, small business taxes will increase by $412 billion.

“More than 150 new government programs are going to be created adding $3 trillion in spending, including $550 billion on the Green New Deal, that will devastate those on fixed income or low wages. So, the bill will trickle out money to the poor, while costing them a fortune in taxes, energy, inflation, and cost of living increases.

“This is the most expensive bill in American history, and Americans will not forget that Democrats added more burden to their backs while then abandoning them to benefit illegal immigrants, the rich, and the climate lobby. The economy, the military, the U.S. Border, all are in shambles only 10 months into Biden’s presidency. America was #BetterBeforeBiden.”