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Rep. Gohmert Issues Statement After Judge Halts Biden Plan to Scrap Title 42

Rep. Gohmert issued the following statement in light of a federal judge's recent decision to halt the Biden Administration from ending Title 42:

“Judge Robert Summerhays’ decision to grant a preliminary injunction preventing the imminent termination of CDC’s Title 42 Order is a promising step toward ensuring that the Biden Administration actually follows the Rule of Law and puts Americans first. The Biden Administration is masterful at the art of gaslighting and deception. By seeking to end Title 42, but keeping in place senseless and anti-science COVID policies for law-abiding citizens, it’s clear the Left is quite comfortable with their hypocrisy. They also have no problem driving up costs while limiting the freedoms of everyday Americans. 

"Americans deserve to know answers to some very basic questions: Does the Biden Administration consider the pandemic over or not? Will this administration start holding illegal immigrants to the same standards as American citizens? Will President Biden begin to protect Americans as much as Ukrainians though they have paid his family more in recent years?  It’s time for the Biden Administration to end its doublespeak, and deliver truth, sensibility, and the same concern for its citizens as it does for those breaking our laws to get into the country.” 

Last week, prior to the judge's decision, Rep. Gohmert and several colleagues sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra expressing concerns over the Biden Administration's attempt to end Title 42. 

Read the full letter HERE.