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Rep. Gohmert Statement on J6 Committee Propaganda

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) issued the following statement on the latest propaganda from the January 6th committee hearing:

"The January 6th Committee hearings have gone beyond the 1950’s Congressional hearing slurs and become nothing more than a Soviet-style propaganda production. Their blatant and disgusting attempt to mislead the public by implying that my documented requests for pardons for other deserving individuals was a request for a pardon for myself is malicious, despicable and unfit for a U.S. Congressional hearing. I requested pardons for brave U.S. service members and military contractors who were railroaded by the justice system due to superiors playing politics, as well as a civilian leader who was also wronged by a despicable injustice. These requests were all far prior to, and completely unrelated to January 6.

"I had and have nothing for which to seek a pardon and my requests were for others unassociated with government in Washington, DC. Any assertion to the contrary is unequivocally and maliciously false. Any Committee Members or witness involved should be ashamed for perpetuating such a falsehood, but that would require a conscience to feel such shame."