The expansive land of Washington is a treasure trove of memorials and monuments. Click on these links to find more information about each and a map here:

Jefferson Memorial
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial stands as a symbol of liberty and endures as a site for reflection and inspiration for all citizens of the United States and the world.

Korean War Veterans Memorial
Nineteen stainless steel sculptures stand silently under the watchful eye of a sea of faces upon a granite wall—reminders of the human cost of defending freedom.

Lincoln Memorial
As an enduring symbol of freedom, the Lincoln Memorial attracts anyone who seeks inspiration and hope.

Roosevelt Memorial
Located along the famous Cherry Tree Walk on the Western edge of the Tidal Basin near the National Mall, this is a memorial not only to FDR, but also to the era he represents.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Setting aside the controversies of the war, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors those who served when their nation called upon them.

World War II Memorial
The World War II Memorial commemorates the sacrifice and celebrates the victory of "the greatest generation."